Nick Scott’s prices are a reflection of his experience, expertise, equipment quality, flexibility, and the overall high-end service he provides. While every event has its own unique needs, and are thus priced accordingly, the following list will give you a rough idea of what you might expect to pay. Looking for something specific? On a budget? Please contact Nick Scott for a quote based on your individual needs.

Please take a few moments to scroll all the way throughout this page. We’ve taken great lengths to describe in detail Nick Scott’s wedding services. Including package details, online planner details, travel guidelines, outdoor event guidelines, and more.

It is Nick’s mission to make his services accessible for all who would like to have him perform at their events. Please do not hesitate to send Nick a message from our Contact page for any questions you may have. If you would like to be taken to the Contact page please click HERE! 

Wedding Services and Pricing Guide:

    • Starting at $250.
    • Pricing Reflects Size Of Guest Coverage
    • Audio Coverage For Your Wedding Ceremony
    • Price Includes The Following:
    • Professional PA Systems Including Microphones
    • Coverage For Up To 450 Guests
    • Online Ceremony Planner
    • Nick Scott Will Provide Your Music
    • Nick Scott Will Conduct Ceremony Music
    • Custom Monogram Gobo Design
    • Display The Following:
    • Your Name/s
    • Your Company Name
    • Your Event's Name
    • Event Date
    • Custom Information
    • 100s Of Beautiful Design's To Customize
    • Display A WOW Factor At Your Event!

Complimentary Online Planning Documents!

Online Reception Planner


Online Ceremony Assistant


Custom Monogram Design!

On your big day, project your names, in the style you want, anywhere in the venue for your event! A personalized monogram is a classic way to put the spotlight on the happy couple! Our customizable gobo templates make it easy to design the perfect gobo for special occasions. Click HERE for designs!


Miscellaneous Information:



Events within the Charleston, WV metro will not be assessed a travel charge. All travel past 30 miles of Elkview, WV (one direction) has a $0.58 per mile charge. Any event that requires travel exceeding three hours round trip will incur a lodging fee equivalent to a minimum of 3 star accommodations. If you have any questions concerning our travel guidelines, feel free to ask.

Outdoor Events:

Nick Scott prefers venues that are indoors for obvious technical reasons. Such as the effect of inclement weather on electric audio equipment. However, Nick is open to outdoor event. All outdoor events bookings require that Nick Scott be set up under a form a strong, stable covering. Such as a tent or a venue’s awning. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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